Friday, December 3, 2010

Index Value Plot


Index Value Plots are used to compare two sets of data. This can be used in many different forms. Placing the data in this manor allows us to see any discrepancies in the data.

Range Graded Proportional Circle Map

Range Graded Proportional Circle Maps are Proportional Circle Maps whos circle size have been predetermined in order to represent an average range of data. The example above show the Hispanic Population on the United States.

Continuously Variable Proportional Circle Map

Continuously Variable Proportional Circle Map is a Proportional Circle Map that  specifically links the size of the circles to particular data. This is great for showing population.


A Climograph isa weather graph used to chart monthly precipitation and temperature conditions for aa given location. Above is bar graph of Boulder, CO

Hypsometric Maps

Hypsometric Maps are maps that show elevation with shades of color. It is most commonly done with earth tones. Above is an example of a Hypsometric Map of France. Usually the darker the tone, the higher the elevation.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


An Isopleth is a map of Isolines that connect, in circular(ish) form, in order to show areas with similar vlaues.


Isotachs connect areas of equal wind speed, they are a type of Isoline, similar to Isobars. The example above shows the wind direction and speed across the United States.