Sunday, October 17, 2010


Net contributors      -5000 to -1000 euro per capita      -1000 to -500 euro per capita      -500 to 0 euro per capita
Net recipients
     0 to 500 euro per capita      500 to 1000 euro per capita      1000 to 5000 euro per capita      5000 to 10000 euro per capita      10000 euro plus per capita      n/a

Cartograms distort they actual land and distance shown in order to convey the information. Above is an example of a catrogram map which is being used to predict the European Union's net budget expenditure in euros for the whole period 2007-2013 per capita. The colors and distortion of the map remind me of a cardiogram for your heart.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Statistical Map

A Statistical Map is used to show, well, statistics such as population or polls. These maps are commonly used in political and sociological scenarios. The statistical map above was used to show what areas were leaning towards certain political parties in 2004. Here they used both colors and distortion to get their statistics across.

Isoline Map

An Isoline Map is a contouring map with continueing lines that basically circle same values. It  is a perfect way to depict weather, such as rainfall, snow, or even heat. Above is a Isoline map of high temperatures in 1981.

Remote Sensing: Google Earth!

Remote Sensing is the ability to map ,and later see, an area with out going to that location. This gives military as well as civilians the ability to visit places all over the world, or just see a detailed virtual photo tour of their home town. These images of Malta were made available by the free version of Google Earth. I suggest everyone spend a while clicking around on these amazing images and take a personal moment to sight see from your couch.